The Traveling Closet

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              Myrna Gay Motzer: President and CEO

To make new friends after moving to California I joined the senior pageant world. Having been in pageants as a young person I felt this was a great way to meet and greet new people. The garment bags first became my idea for covering all the beautiful dresses that contestants came in with. I saw women bringing in gorgeous gowns only to be covered by torn see-thru plastic bags. I realized there had to be a better, but more practical, way to carry and travel with their wardrobes, including men's suits and tuxedos. 

The heat that's generated from stored clothing in plastic bags will degenerate and weaken the fabric of the clothing as well as cause a not-so-nice smell. I designed, developed, and patented my elegant expandable garment bags to accommodate all ages for storing and traveling with their clothing. Whether it's pageants, travels, weddings or other events, taking your clothes in my garment bags would service all of these needs. You can arrive with your bag full of garments wherever you're going and never worry about them being ruined or full of wrinkles again. 

I personally have traveled with my garment bags extensively and I can attest to the durability and practicality of owning this wonderful product. I chose a beautiful tailored, but durable, fabric that is water resistant.  My bags are manufactured right here in our USA and meet the standards of a luxury, but practical, well needed product. Hang your clothes in the bags then streamline by snapping the sides shut. Put them in a suitcase and you are on your way. Once at your destination, hang up the bag, unzip and start your vacation wearing unwrinkled and safely traveled clothing.  It's Truly a traveling closet.