The Traveling Closet

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Hi my name is Elizabeth and I am the proud owner of a beautiful garment bag that stores my daughter's wedding dress beautifully. I love the way the bag expands and snaps together making it really easy to pack and travel. Before the wedding my friends and I could pack all of our dresses together in the bag and travel without them getting wrinkled or dirty; now after the wedding I have a storage bag that keeps the bridal dress clean, allows for air and unzips. Storing my daughter's gowns from her college sorority dances and now her wedding dress has always been a task, but I now never have to worry. This bag is my dream come true and will become yours, too.
Hi my name is Marilyn O'Connell and at my age traveling isnt so easy anymore.  But I purchased a garment bag from my dear pageant sister Myrna Motzer and what a pleasure it has been to own one. It's so simple to open the bag with the side zipper and put in anything I want to travel with and then just zip up and streamline and go.   Then when we get where were going my husband Cash just hangs my bag in the closet of the hotel and unzips and I just live out of the bag and nothing is ever wrinkled. Then when we leave I just zip it up and go home.  thanks Myrna  

I am an owner of one of Myrna's garment bags and thankfully we met at Ms Senior USA pageant.  Because ever since then I am always on the road going from state to state.  sometimes flying and sometimes driving.  I love my beautifully embroidered bag and am so proud to carry it with my name on the front.  I enjoy the fact that I can lay it in the back of my van and when I hang the garment bag up in the closet or performance room where we perform I never have to worry about an iron. I always just unzip and take out what ever I need to wear and its perfect and needs no ironing. I love being organized and the garment bag is just great for not worrying about what will happen when we get there. I know my clothes are protected and wrinkle free and even when I go by plane and pack the bag inside my suitcase I am always pleased when I get there to pick out the bag from my suitcase and hang it up and start going.   My name is Paula Cordell and I'm so glad they've got me covered.

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